Being a people of two worlds

Adam had dominion over the whole earth, not just the garden. How could he do this? How could he manage all the affairs of his Father’s house while living in the Garden of Eden? He lived in the spirit ~ he walked in the glory. He was a spiritual man!! He lived in two worlds at one time!! There is no time or distance in the spirit. Adam was living a totally spiritual life. It was natural to him. Have you ever wondered at the phrase “And they HEARD the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden…” (Genesis 3:8) They heard God spiritually. They didn’t hear Him with their natural flesh-and-bone ears. When God came and said “Adam, where art thou?” Don’t you think the Lord knew where Adam was physically? He knew Adam was hiding in the bushes. He was saying “Adam, where are you…spiritually?” He was trying to get Adam to locate himself spiritually. And this has been the Lord’s cry down through the ages. Nothing has changed. I personally believe Enoch lived out in this place too. This sheds new light on Ephesians 2:22 doesn’t it? “A habitation (dwelling place) of God IN THE SPIRIT. Brother’s and sister’s, what’s your spiritual address? Where can the Lord reach you at? Are you hiding in the garden? They came to the Lord Jesus and said “Lord, where dwellest thou?” I just love what He said to them: come and see.Now let’s look at some very poignant verses in John 17. There are 3 verses out of this chapter I want to bring your attention to: Verses 11 & 12 & 24.
And now I am no more in the world
While I was with them in the world
Father, I will that they also…be with me where I am

Jesus was still sitting at the table at the last supper with His disciples. He had not gone to the cross yet. He was still on the earth among them when he made these statements. Now look again at the bolded portions of the above verses. Do you see it? Jesus was living in another world when He made these statements. He said that He spoke nothing except that which He heard the Father say first (John 8:28 and 8:38 especially); He said He did nothing except that which He saw His Father do first (John 5:19). Have you ever thought “how did He hear these things ~ how did He see these things”? He lived, communed, listened, saw, learned (John 6:45), and yes worked (John 5:17) in the Spirit. Have you ever wondered about Jacob’s ladder in Genesis 28:12? Read it real quick. Sounds like the same ladder in John 1:51 doesn’t it? Well, sure it is!! What’s going on here? A direct pipeline to Heaven, a direct ministry to and from heaven. Brother’s and sister’s, this is life in the spirit. How bad do we really want this? Truth has a price tag on it, and there’s a price to pay (Prov. 23:23). Very few are willing to pay it though, because it’s a lonely road; it’s a broken road, and a place of great breaking. Great breaking!! A breaking of what you say? A breaking of your will. John said “It’s the Lord, It’s the Lord” and Peter jumped out of the boat and swam to the shore only to be confronted by the Lord on the shore of his own heart. I pray you will meditate deeply and thoroughly on what took place in Genesis 32:24-31 I love how it starts…”Jacob was left alone” and I love how it ends…”the sun rose upon him.”
Consecrated lives is what He’s after. Do you really know what consecration means?

The Basis of consecration is “God’s Purchase” (1 Cor. 6:20)
The Motive of consecration is the “Love of Christ” (2 Cor. 5:14)
The Meaning of consecration is “Sacrifice” (Romans 12:1)
The Purpose of consecration is “Service” (2 Cor. 5:14-15)
The Result of consecration is……………… a Heap of Ashes (a total abandonment of the future)

A yielded heart, a reverent heart, a changed heart is what He’s after brethren. My heart is overflowing towards you and for you. Let’s live in this place, in this reality. Let’s do what Hebrews (graduate school) 6:1 says. Let’s leave these elementary things that we’ve been walking in and go on unto perfection. See you on the front lines.


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