Hearts, Gems, and Pearls

Let all my works, and things of flesh

be burned up here today

and if You choose to raise me up

as I seek You in this place I pray


Let my life exemplify

the jewels of who You are

a diadem of diamonds be

a wreath upon my heart


Oh God, is this what it really means

to love You through and through?

could this be what David had,

did he love You like this too?


Make my way so prosperous

as I come into this Land

and I shall be as Isaac

in Thy mighty hand


I remind You of the promises

You made to Abraham

I am his seed – I’m of his loins

the heir indeed of this faithful man


A contract and a covenant

You signed and cut that day

and then the circumcision

to cut and take away


My heart has now been circumcised

Your word has cut it through

and now my seed as sand indeed

shall come and follow You


You’re a God of deep history

which stays fresh in my mind

You forget not one single thing

thats been passed down through time


I call out now to this great God

the God of all the earth

I cry out to the Lord of all

this Coin of mighty worth


In the field of my heart, I did find

a Pearl of such great price

I sold it all…I counted the cost

to buy this One that will suffice






















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