1st Cor. 13:11

1st Cor. 13:11


When I was a younger man

I was foolish in my ways

everything accomplished in my flesh

oh – the seeds I sowed in younger days


Redeem, restore, rebuild oh God

the things that I tore down

the house of cards my soul did build

the words of “self” – how foul a sound


The many feelings I did hurt

the ones I did offend

I pray You find it in Your heart

to remember not…in the end


The words I’ve spoke

to the ones I knew

the things I’ve done

against them…but You


A child in my ways

‘twas I for many years

but something Lord has happened

through many, many tears


I see myself as a man undone

a loathsome creature…me

one who it seems has graced away

his standing unto Thee


I dwell among an unclean people

by the river of Chebar

can the right hand of Your Mercy

ever reach this far?


Can a man of such my nature

EVER be redeemed???

A son of God? A son of wrath?

What is the lot for me?


Have I presumed upon Your Grace,

and offered incense vile?

And overstepped my boundaries,

not a step…but a whole mile?


Will fire come out…consume me whole,

on that dreadful, fearful day?

Will my lot be with the hypocrites,

and in outer darkness stay?


Oh God, please let Your Mercy

In the Person of Your Son

take my cup and fill it up

offered back…unto the One


A quarter century later now

the years it took to see

from childhood to manhood

was very slow for me


I’ve left these things so far behind

they’ve disappeared I pray,

for no one else to come and find

from then unto this day


May the Pen of Your forgiveness

blot out all my sins

May the One of Your sweet tenderness

write deep on me within


I leave these things all in your hand

there’s nothing else to do

but recognize myself a man…

who finally came to realize You


I hide myself within Your Word

Knowing that You see

All my thoughts and my intents

and affections pure to Thee


Grace Lord…let it please abound

enlarge my heart this day

no weeds, nor rocks, or thorns and thistles

a child to Thee stay


Mercy Lord, if You can grant it

to one who took it all for granted

I ask you Lord for a softer heart

not one as diamond, nor as granite


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