A Di”Vine” Love Affair

A Divine Love Affair


It’s true…I’ve been sneaking around

in the middle of the Light

involved in a deep love affair

in the middle of the night


My candle’s always burning

when I run up to His Door

and all day long, I dream of Him

just Him and nothing more


I’m in a di”Vine” love affair

I think my wife…she knows

that I’m a wife now also too

because the ring…it shows


This One…He has a Garden

and oh the time we spend

walking up and down through Him

a romance to the end


I hold His hand…I lean on Him

He holds me near and dear

my heart I’ve given to this One

He whispers, “do not fear”


It’s a di”Vine” love affair

let the news go all around

I’m leaving all to join this Man

Whose voice ‘tis sweetness sound


He wooed me and He drew me

with His many words He shared

and I fell prey that very day

ensnared…a love affair


What a di”Vine” love affair

it’s true…how could it be?

I went through a divorce  [from the world]

to have this Man for me


How sweet a di”Vine” love affair

and I’ve loved Him even more

He fed me Fish – He fed me Bread

when I met Him on that Shore


We’re leaving now the country

to try and get away

I want to meet His Father

Whom He speaks of every day


I fear you’ll never understand

this love affair…so sweet

I pray you’ll come and find this Man

this One so fair to meet


I’m in a di”Vine” love affair

I’m sorry…I just thought you knew

I’ll give up all for this love affair

to have this Man…to love Him true


I’m past the flower of my youth

but my years He does not see

just a heart He’s always wanted

not anything of mine…just me


Oh, the feelings of a love affair

I think I’ll stay with Him

for the Sealing of a love affair

forever…it has been


My heart is blinded – ever blinded

it’s tangled in the Vine

my mind is set…my heart is fixed

a love affair di”Vine”


I’ll write you when I get there

these words of love I share…

that you would come to comprehend

the truth of love affairs

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