He has heard…and I have heard

He has heard “I am alive”

His heart has skipped a beat

He has risen to come quickly

and on my neck to weep


I’ve given you my heart Lord

now please, lend me Yours

I’ve had your ear for all these years

just that, and nothing more


But now I see how deep it goes

I thought I never could

Your heart is a vast ocean

of devotion…misunderstood


I give back to you the harvest

of the seeds you’ve planted here

the stalk, the leaf, the roots, the kernel

it’s all yours…near and dear


Forgive me for not seeing

and loving You this way

for all my years of cold neglect

while my heart held its sway


Please find it in Your heart Lord

to forgive me of this sin

and fill me with the Christ, Your Son

and cleanse me deep within


Let my heart be plumbed

to see how deep it goes

may the bottom not be found

and this Your Spirit knows


My hand could scribe this all day long

of the riches of Your love

suffice to say…it is enough

a scroll rolled up above


A book of love, a jar of tears

these things are yours to keep

my heart a folded vesture

on Your shelf, now sound asleep


I rest in You forever

but it took me years to see

that Your heart was slowly leading

my heart unto thee


My heart is yearning, burning now

to give up every grain of wheat

I keep nothing back unto myself

but surrender all…to you complete


May this sacrifice of love I give

be burned up even when

the ashes from the altar

be remembered now and then




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