We built an altar together

at Bethel on that day

but my heart was towards Ai

and so I walked away


I went back down to Egypt

for the famine in my heart

I forgot about our altar

that we built at the start


I picked up Hagar…and

oh what a fee!!

to follow the flesh

that it paid back to me


The Good Land was calling

I was beginning to hear

the real cry of Your heart

was drawing me near


This altar of breaking

and yes…of burning too

the altar at Bethel

that I built for You


An altar of memorial

of a friendship shared with Thee

every stone…a stone of love

between my God and me


An altar I neglected

and left in disrepair

as I traveled unto Egypt

and forgot that it was there


I’ve come back unto this altar

that I built those years ago

for You were waiting…all along

and I was walking slow


My heart is now towards Bethel

To the house of God I come

My back is now towards Ai

To that which I succumbed


He said to me this morning

to Hebron you must go

but what of this memorial?

In Hebron, I will show


But I just came back

why can’t I dwell

and stack these stones

I know so well?


In Hebron there will fellowship be

so don’t dwell here – but come to Me

for in Hebron I am waiting

where there’s many stones – you’ll see


But Lord, I just don’t understand

and Hebron is a far off land

an altar of memorial…

forever it shall stand


I’m running now to Hebron

to embrace Him to my breast

we’ll stack the stones together

His love will build the rest


So I’ve no idea what’s waiting

I’ve never been that far

but there my dear Beloved

waits beyond the stars


As a ship upon His Ocean

my heart set sail today

the Spirit blowing ~ the Masthead high

I finally found the Way


‘Twas all through the Son

that the course was set clear

my Beloved…the One

my hearts’ compass to steer


But how can I show others

will they ever understand?

I’ll deal with them…you follow Me,

it’s all part of My plan




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