The Dark, Secret Chambers

Then said He unto me, son of man, have you seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery?” Ezekiel 8:12

I have read this for over 25 years and have always thought it pertained to certain rooms in the temple; but I don’t think this is really the case here.  It does not say, “what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the temple.” It says what they are doing in the dark…in the chambers of their individual imagery.  Notice the word says “his imagery.”

In studying out this word (which is found only a few times in the Old Testament0, I found that this word is translated “pictures” twice.  The root of this word deals with the imagination.

You see, the bible is a very spiritual book written from a spiritual God to a spiritual man.  And therefore its truths have to be received into our spirits.  The problem is that most people want to figure it out in their minds.  And these ones can never progress further into the deeper things of God…which are found in His word

The carnal mind cannot comprehend things of the spirit for they are foolishness to him.  And neither can he discern them, because they can only be discerned spiritually.  We have to began to see and to understand the same way God does.  We have to relearn how to think like God thinks.  Even Moses prayed that God would teach him His ways so that he might understand God.

Friends, we have to understand God and His ways. And this only comes through His word.  The word of God is His DNA to our spirits.  It is truly alive and living.  It is a positive virus that is seeking a host to grow in and thrive in.  But this can only take place through the renewing of our minds.

These men of Israel were doing things in their minds.  The mind is limitless.  The mind can build empires, schools, etc.  And no one can see what a man is thinking about…but God does.  If a man thinks about having an adulteress affair with another woman, then guess what?  The Lord said in Matthew he has already committed adultery with her.  Have you ever really thought about that…I mean really thought about it??  According to God, he has already committed the actual act…because he did it first in his mind and in his heart.  But it started first in the mind.  The physical act will just naturally follow.

Didn’t James bring out that every man is tempted, when he is drawn away by his own lust, and enticed.  Then when lust has conceived, it brings forth sin.  James 1:14-15 But notice something here…the sin has not been brought forth yet.  It is being conceived inside him.  It is growing inside him.  The seed is maturing. 

When you imagine dark things, lustful things, hateful things, and things of malice; then you are opening up the door of your mind for all kinds of evil.  Satan attacks in the thought life.  If you’re not holy in your thought life, then you are unholy in everything else.  Without holiness no man can see the Lord.  Do you want to “see” Him in your life and in your heart and in your circumstances? Then you must be holy in your mind.

The mind is the doorway to the spirit.  If you are not holy in your mind, then there is no conceivable way you can be holy in your heart, soul, or spirit. 

Holiness means that you hate the world (system) and all the things that are in the world.  Holiness means that deep in your heart you want to be just like God in your character and in your speaking.

The bible teaches that holiness is a decision.  You choose whether or not you will be holy before God.  Remember the verses that say, “But be ye holy, for I am holy” (1 Peter 1:16) – “He who is holy, let him be holy still” (Rev. 22:11)?  Until a person makes a decision to come out of the world and touch not the unclean thing with his heart, mind, mouth, or hands; then he can not be holy unto the Lord and he will not be able to see God. 

What are you imagining in the dark?  What are you meditating on?  What do you think about in your heart and mind?  How serious are these things to you really?  Personally…I tremble.  When I think about how much God has done to His Son, in His Son, and through His Son to reach me and provide a way for me to live a holy life, and then I choose not to……….oh man!! God will not be mocked.  Every person that lives his life unto himself and does not consider Christ is in serious trouble.  And even Paul (in writing to Christians) said that if any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be accursed (eternally cut off from God and eternal life). And our love to Christ is proven by our obedience to His word (s). 

Are you considering Christ and His feelings (Hebrews 3:1)? We should be living our lives every second of every day knowing that God sees all and that our consciences are recording everything that is done in the secret chambers of our heart and mind.  Notice in the above verse that everything was in the singular tense to the individual man, but that the “chambers” was in the plural.  The chambers of your heart and mind.  Even in the natural the heart has four chambers.  Two of those chambers are allowing good, oxygenated blood into your body and two of the chambers are bringing the de-oxygenated blood back.

Your heart and mind makes a choice as to what will be allowed in to bring life.  The more time you spend with God, and in His word, the more you can see this.  You will get to the place where you will consider what the world offers is nothing but poison.  You will begin to see the world as a cesspool of leprosy.  But until you come out of it and have been washed of its effects, you will not be able to see it.  Just as the children of Israel who were born into slavery in Egypt would never be able to understand freedom until after they left Egypt.

Slavery is all they knew.  They lived and died making bricks for Pharaoh.  I’m afraid that many still are just living and dying making bricks for Pharaoh.  Are you one of them?  Then see the truth and act on it.  Do something about it.  Leave Egypt in one moment just as Moses did.  He never looked back….he just left.  And he did not return to help anyone else leave Egypt until all of Egypt was out of him!!

Friends, run from Egypt!! Don’t look back!! God will judge Egypt (the world system & all that it offers) one more time, and you do not want to be found one of its inhabitants.

Keep your heart and mind holy.  This is done by simply making a decision to come out of the world and say no to its pleasures and lustful things which war against the soul.  Get saturated in God’s word, and let this word wash you and rinse you.  Get serious about the things of God.  For if any man loves the world or the things that are in the world, then the love of the Father is not in him.  Deeply consider what that 1 John verse is really saying.  The love of the Father is absent from that individuals life!!  Why?  Because he loves the world.  Lot’s wife loved the world.  Demas loved the world too.  Many people will not be able to enter into the everlasting kingdom, because the only kingdom they were ever really interested in was the one kingdom of this world.

The spirit of the world is very strong my friends.  And it is very deceptive and alluring.  See it for what it is…a lie.  Don’t live a lie and don’t love a lie, and don’t believe or invest in the lie.

“Come out from among them and be ye separate says the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing.”  The unclean things are first touched in the dark chambers of your mind. Whatever you are feeding your mind, you can expect to get back exactly what you have been putting in.  A friend of mine once said that you can only get off a hard-drive whatever you’ve programmed onto it.  

Dear reader, have you neglected the Lord by your living?  Have you left your first love?  It’s very simple…repent and turn.  He does not condemn you, nor is He judging you…He is waiting for you.  He wants to give you all things if you will only give Him one thing…your heart.  Love Him again as you once did.

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