The Transition

The deepest work,

that can be done,

the transition from,

a child to a son.


My mind, when younger,

shifting sand.

my understanding now,

that of a man.


I wandered in the wilderness,

a child lost was I.

searching for direction,

and all along…Your word close by.


My heart was so small –

and my hearing so dull

till I met You on the shore

You prayed for me…for something more


Let my heart be as glass

crystal clear before You Lord

a window of transparency

no more chains – no more cords


A mind set free…lost in Thee

an old mindset gone of thinking

a heart now full…my love a pool

an old wineskin gone of drinking


A child brought full circle

no more dull or lost am I

a maturation of the Spirit

for in Your word You do abide


I cry our for perfection Lord

do this now in me I pray

no more fences, walls, rocks, or weeds

in my garden to no more stay


All thorns, thistles, and nettles be gone

the beauty of Christ now adorns

my heart His garden…His heart my own

a Father pleased with a son now born




  1. Pst. NamitiPst. Namiti10-24-2015

    Man of God, never stop teaching these truths at all! Men are heading to hell without anyone telling them these things,yet they are in the Church! The ministry of teaching is needed back in the Church!

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