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Hearts, Gems, and Pearls

Let all my works, and things of flesh be burned up here today and if You choose to raise me up as I seek You in this place I pray   Let my life exemplify the jewels of who You are a diadem of diamonds be a wreath upon my heart   Oh God, is this what it really means …

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1st Cor. 13:11

1st Cor. 13:11   When I was a younger man I was foolish in my ways everything accomplished in my flesh oh – the seeds I sowed in younger days   Redeem, restore, rebuild oh God the things that I tore down the house of cards my soul did build the words of “self” – how foul a sound   …

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Mirrors of the Soul

Oh where have I been and why haven’t I seen You were hiding in darkness in plain sight to see   The vail on my heart and the vail on my mind now taken away no longer to blind   May the cherubim turn their heads in deep shame as my love ascends on Your altar aflame   For no …

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A Hymn of Betrothal

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine Our spirits are now mingled two hearts intertwined   I took His name that day when we became one Who knew I would love Him this Husband ~ a Son   To be a wife to Him always to love Him that way With a love He deserves every day after …

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Broken ~ and yet Repaired

On a ship bound for Tarshish running from the call I woke up in a belly & thought I’d lost it all   My running hindered others and brought storms upon their life God threw me clean…overboard into waters filled with strife   And there as I drowned and the sea billows roared He brought to mind the word He’d …

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His ark?…my ark…my heart

Let my prayers & worship be smoke upon Your seat peer deeply through the darkness and come down now to meet   You’ve hidden Yourself for thousands of years You’ve broken my “self” through thousands of tears   Oh the depths of your mysteries of the ark…what’s inside the deep spirit of man and the right to abide   The …

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He has heard…and I have heard

He has heard “I am alive” His heart has skipped a beat He has risen to come quickly and on my neck to weep   I’ve given you my heart Lord now please, lend me Yours I’ve had your ear for all these years just that, and nothing more   But now I see how deep it goes I thought …

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A Di”Vine” Love Affair

A Divine Love Affair   It’s true…I’ve been sneaking around in the middle of the Light involved in a deep love affair in the middle of the night   My candle’s always burning when I run up to His Door and all day long, I dream of Him just Him and nothing more   I’m in a di”Vine” love affair …

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Stonebuilders   We built an altar together at Bethel on that day but my heart was towards Ai and so I walked away   I went back down to Egypt for the famine in my heart I forgot about our altar that we built at the start   I picked up Hagar…and oh what a fee!! to follow the flesh …

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Living Deeper ~ Seeing Further

My spirit is the ark, for the God of all Glory My spirit is His rented house, where He tells His story My spirit is the parchment, upon which He writes down His Son My spirit is the temple, where all His works are done Where once I used to look out, now I peer within Where once I sought …

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