The seed of Israel

I’m part of the Israel of God

my linage has sprung from Judah

I’m of the seed of Isaac – the promise

my birthright is from Christ…Selah


I’m a member of the heavenly Jerusalem

my name is written on it’s roll

I’m now dwelling in this city

this is all in the word – was written on the scroll


He’s called me out of Egypt

He has circumcised my heart

I’m now part of His family

a son now set apart


My mind is now a spiritual one

no more natural do I see

the eyes of my heart have been enlightened

I’m an Israelite indeed!!!


No outward form…but deep within

the foreskin of my heart

a circumcision of the Spirit

a brand new man – a brand new start


To be a Jew, how blessed I am

the promises bestowed me

but it’s all an inward heritage

the tribe of Praise…can’t you see?


These things are deeply spiritual

they have no outward show

but to the man who cannot see

his eyes are blind – he cannot know


Spiritual things take no natural form

your mind can’t grasp its truth

it’s with the spirit these things are seen

a heart renewed as an eagle’s youth


So lay aside all the things

that keep you from this Man

these childish things of Israel

the people and the land


God will have His way with them

but that’s not for you to know

just don’t you be drawn away

with the error of outward show


It’s all internal – nothing external

the kingdom of God is within

the City of God is you and me

we’re in His Son – we’re part of Him


The Jerusalem of earth…God has called her Sodom

you can read of this in Revelation

so come out of her My people

for you’re members of a Holy Nation


Christ is the good land now

oh, come and taste and dwell

His lips are dripping honey

almonds plenty – go and tell


The Jerusalem is coming – I feel it’s almost here

and God is in her midst

run to all and tell them

grace and truth have kissed


So live your life in the spirit

leave all natural things behind

for we’ve come unto a mountain

a place to drink and dine


A heavenly Jerusalem –

Mt. Zion…through and through

I made it to His Israel

It was Christ…Christ in me, and Christ in you


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Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm on My holy mountain! Joel 2:1