String of Pearls

An oyster on the ocean floor

a speck of sand got in

it became just like a splinter

to the tender parts of him


There isn’t much that he can do

to get the “splinter” free

it’s been resolved…it is his lot

(the beginnings of a pearl you see)


It will secrete a substance

to make the splinter smooth

to make the pain more bearable

an irritant to sooth


What did he do to deserve this?

is it fate from up above?

can there be a plan in pain?

can a splinter be turned to love?


Night and day he works on this

in secret…no one sees

to try and cover up the pain

but larger grows the pearl in he


I think I see, I understand

the pain he feels this day

I can feel him in his asking…

will it ever go away?


I think our “sand” has injured others

and secreting life are they

precious gems within the making

partaking of – in this I pray


I think ones words are specks of sand

pierced into someones heart

at first a wound – but then a pearl

a necklace on my inner part


Let an hourglass of time and sand

be poured within my soul

and may the Life of Jesus Christ

secrete them there – soothe them whole


My life was but an irritant

pierced into His side

He took me…covered me with life

a pearl in Him I now abide


One day soon our Father

will open Him and see

a string of pearls awaiting Him

and one of them is me


It’s warm within the oyster

I’m protected deep in Him

Oh God, please let Your Oyster

let many “sands” within



























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