My Mind a Miter

“Holiness unto the Lord”

a mind washed true and through

a turban of fine linen on,

when I come to worship You


Your name inscribed – Your seal set deep

somehow seen by Thee

from my mind into my spirit

but through the heart of me


My inner parts…how great, how vast

it’s all too wonderful to me

fearfully made…but finely played

the instruments for You to see


A miter of fine linen blue

the plate held on with thread

an allegory – of a story

the work complete, just as You said


Now I can present my parts

the sum of who I am

my heart, my soul, my mind and spirit

presented to the great “I AM”


The hat now washed – placed on my brow

the work is now complete

a tabernacle finished here

a God I now can meet


My mind is His – a mind now washed

and rinsed clean by His word

a conscience void of offence

my thoughts held captive by His sword


The turban is a covering

of submission to my Lord

the inscription is my promise

to be faithful…and not a whore


For when we sin and do as we please

an unfaithful wife are we

our marriage vows are broken

for sin hath divorced thee


Instead of pure & holy – Gomer we become

playing the harlot to our pleasure

sin is us sleeping with that snake satan

we fill up wrath unto our measure


My mind is truly a wedding ring

of fidelity on Your hand

is it gold & lasting – or is it brass worth casting?

have I been faithful to this Man?


A mind renewed – subdued to You

of linen fine upon Your heart

You’ve said in Luke, “have no part dark”

I do Your word…I do my part


A mind of light – a shining through

a proof of  love to prove me true

look now Lord…I’m a virgin

my mind is Yours – my gift to You

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