Deeper in the Garden

Am I just a painted hypocrite,

for all the world to see?

will my fig-tree have any fruit,

when He comes to look at me?


Am I sleeping in the garden,

when He really needs me most?

He’s asked me to be a watchman;

but have I left my post?


I know one day He’s coming

and one day soon I’ll stand

I wonder if I’ll be ashamed…

or be found a faithful man?


Do Him I deny in front of man,

will a rooster crow today?

do I follow Him from way afar,

will He turn and look my way?


Now…is my heart a holy one,

steadfast, fixed, and true?

is my mind cleansed, pure and washed,

devoted through and through?


Does His word mean more to me today,

than in all the years gone past?

is my love brand new – tried and true,

do my words have meaning – will they last?


I’ve considered the cost of building a tower

my hand to the plow…I’m committed

no turning back and no regrets

unto His will I am submitted


Something’s happened deep within

I see in a whole new way

is this what it means to live in glory?

a taste divine…a place to stay


A ladder between my God and me

I climb and He descends

how can this be – it’s too wonderful to grasp

these spiritual things just have no end


No time, no distance…in a world out there

eternal things consuming

I really think that Enoch saw

these truths for all – yet unassuming


Holiness unto the Lord

across my forehead scribed

the work complete – a God to meet

a mind now washed – a heart revived


I hear You in my garden say

“now go…but tell no man”

Your words to me are precious gems

changing me as nothing can


A weight of glory pressing through

time stands still it seems

a shield of light – a cloak of might

a mantle given – blessings redeemed


Have I been blind for all these years,

and let these things slip by?

a softer heart – a wiser man

no more blind, nor deaf am I


I follow fully now the Lord

With Caleb – Hebron, let me share

Christ the Land so fair to me

Christ the Man to Him I care

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Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm on My holy mountain! Joel 2:1