Understanding Amalek

He brought me out of Egypt

He baptized me in the sea

I drank the water from the Rock

and then the flesh rose up in me


I thought I was at a “place of rest”

I was weary and straggling behind

and Amalek took advantage of me

he tore at my flesh – he tore at my mind


I thought I was strong, a warrior thought I

but my weakness showed its strength

’twas prayer, the word, and lifting my hands

that I surrendered to Him…finally at length


I spent many years at Rephidim

learning what Moses knew

that if the hands come down, the flesh abounds

but then Amalek he slew


I’m drinking from the Rock today

my hands, my heart…are lifted high

the remembrance of Amalek is fading away

the end of his tribe is drawing nigh


Sin at my window – sin at my door

a living monster is he

but God said, “you shall rule over him,

for in My Son is victory”


What shall I fear when Amalek’s near?

the strength of sin is the law

I trust in His word, His righteousness

and unto His Name I’ll call


When Amalek pursues…I’ll run to You Lord

for Amalek You slew…by the strength of Your word

Amalek’s a liar – a deceiver is he

for greater is He who indwells me


Amalek is slipping so slowly away

but yet he’s always near

I trust in You Lord to expose him in me

Amalek the cursed…I shall not fear





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