The Nazarene

He came unto His vineyard

they received Him not that day

but began to make excuses

and many walked away


They could only see His humanity

His words they could not hear

lest they should hear Him with their hearts

and hear Him with their ear


A Nazarene? Huh!! A Galilean?

what good can come from there?

but God Himself was calling,

drawing many to come near


A Father within a Son?

what strange words are you speaking?

The Son one with a Father?

and what worshippers is He seeking?


Strange words You speak unto us Teacher,

and with many riddles fair

speak plainly – then we’ll understand

(but hardened hearts His words can’t bare)


A Father came unto His own

Righteousness and Peace have kissed

He called to them with words of life

He lived within their midst


I wonder…can you see Him,

walking by today?

or is it just the carpenter

with nothing great to say?


Is there really now a difference

from those many years ago,

when all they did was make excuses?

(but hardened hearts shall never know)


I pray you’re not a Pharisee

a blind one…leading blind

with a heart that’s old and growing cold

a crusted soul who bids his time


The fire will reveal it

and outer darkness may be your portion

unless your righteousness exceeds…

your time with hypocrites will be apportioned


Our excuses are just wood

that”ll fuel the flames of judgement

and so quickly we’ll be standing there

today is the day to be penitent


How many words will it take,

until your heart…it produces

something soft, eternal, and lasting

to really expose your many excuses?


I think it is the same today

no difference…this is true

hearts can’t see and ears can’t hear

a Father who is calling you











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