Enlarge the borders of my heart

and my capacity to recieve

increase the sphere of my faith

that I may learn to believe


Do these things for me, oh God

my face, my heart presents

this ground of prayer so holy

a golden altar of incense


Let me climb the mountain

I know you’re up there waiting

call to me, and I’ll approach

a heart anticipating


My tears…they say, “if only”

You’d let me see Your glory

the glory of Your Son

interwoven through Your story


A treasure I found, well hidden away

overlooked these many years

oh where have I been…in ignorance true

Your word so far – but yet so near


Is this what these men of long ago saw,

the ones recorded in Your law?

the ones who devoted, inquired, and searched

and gave their lives to see it all


Oh the pearls, the gems, the coins

just there for the taking

a treasure in the field

the field? my heart You’re making

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Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm on My holy mountain! Joel 2:1