Mirrors of the Soul

Oh where have I been

and why haven’t I seen

You were hiding in darkness

in plain sight to see


The vail on my heart

and the vail on my mind

now taken away

no longer to blind


May the cherubim turn

their heads in deep shame

as my love ascends

on Your altar aflame


For no being in heart

can touch Your deep plan

of the ark and the mystery

God mingled with man


May my heart be enlarged

His Word to receive

may my ears be atunned

and His Spirit believe


My heart is a reflection

in a mirror, oh God, to Thee

the inscription…the inspection

oh Lord, what do You see?


As I peer into the water

of Your Word, oh Lord…I’m sure

I’m pleased with Your reflection

that my heart, oh Lord…is pure


As I wait here at your table

where You’ve been feeding me

a table in the wilderness

of fellowship with Thee


The meal is served, the wine is poured

of a friendship now complete

oh God, is this what Abraham had

that day You came to meet?


You sat with him – You ate the lamb

You spoke with him right there

And, oh “my God” – you loved this man

the promises You shared


All You ever wanted Lord

was friendships with these men

for many years You’ve worked with me

to work this Christ within


From a garden to a City

from a child to a Man

from Egypt to the Mountain

from the mountain to the Land


My heart is set on pilgrimage

no rights do I confess

but a place of prayer and meeting You

for a heart You now possess


Ezekiel’s river…rushing Lord

please measure one more time

and take me out into the deep

Your heart oh God to find


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