Living Deeper ~ Seeing Further

My spirit is the ark,
for the God of all Glory
My spirit is His rented house,
where He tells His story

My spirit is the parchment,
upon which He writes down His Son
My spirit is the temple,
where all His works are done

Where once I used to look out,
now I peer within
Where once I sought to see myself,
Now I just see Him

God has truly wrought a work,
way down deep inside
Inexpressible ~ unexplainable,
His Spirit there abides

I used to wrestle blindly,
till the breaking of the day
Now He does the breaking,
He’ll finally have His way

I’m older now ~ I see more,
I understand His plan
My hardened heart is softer now,
I finally see the Man

The Galilean conquered,
the Nazarene has won!
My will, my plans, my future,
have now become the Son’s

Praying in the garden,
He bids me further in
My will He will be breaking,
A reckoning within

Many years have come and gone,
He sows and then He reaps
He’ll have still more ~ I know it,
He wants it all for keeps

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Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm on My holy mountain! Joel 2:1